100% fine silk ribbon in many widths and colors, and other doll related finds.

Here you will find a mix of supplies from my own doll wig studio. I have decided it is time to downsize a portion of my wig making supply as I have more than I can use at this time.  I am simply cleaning out the shelves in my studio after all these years. Much of my supply can be used for other crafting so do keep this in mind while shopping. Shipping has gone up this fall as you so charges for a mailing any size padded envolope will be $5 to $6 dollars . No longer does the post allow us to mail in a standard paper business envolope, for any amount of product, this really does not allow me to ship a small spool of ribbon by itself for a few stamps, those days are gone.  So when ordering any of my supply below, keep this in mind. If the package when shipped weighs more than you paid me for shipping, I will pick up the differnce.  This offer is only available in all 48 states, outside the United States, I will need to charge what the package weighs and its size. If you would like to order any supply email me at :      wendy.feidt.wigs@gmail.com

When ordering by email, give me the information under the picture shown and I will confirm your order and then send you a Paypal invoice for what you have ordered.  Supply is limited, once gone I will not be restocking. Many items are one of a kind. I will be adding more supply pictures as items sell, so do check back from time to time.

#1 -Empty spools

Here you will get a package of 6 heavy plastic ribbon spools, these are white and frosted and are used, these are not new.  Ribbon smaller than 32mm will fit on these spools, but not more than 5 yards can be stored on them. . All measure 1 1/2" tall and 1 inch wide   package of 6- $3.00  or 12 for $5.00 plus shipping.  Ribbon shown not included.

#2 Silk guaze ribbon with silver edge.

I bought this in the 80's from Fowlers in Minneapolis Minnesota . Fowlers had so many old trims from the past for sewers that made doll costumes. What you see in this dish is all I have left, about 9 yards, maybe 10. $1.50 per.yard  plus shipping.

Silk guaze ribbon is off white and 3/8" wide with silver edge