Silk Ribbon and Bows, to add to wigs or doll clothing


What a lovely addition to any wig, a beautiful silk bow.  Bows are added for those of you that do not have a hat for your doll, for a little extra color. Below I have listed bows for larger wigs and for wigs over 6” circumference. If you do not want to add a bow , you do not have too, but if you do, don’t forget to tell me what color of bow you would like for your dolls wig. Silk bows are included in the price of the wig when I sew them on to the wig, if I you ask me not to sew them on , I will charge extra for those depending on the width of the silk ribbon used.


I also offer hand tied bows, they are priced at $1.50 to $2.50 each in any width up to 1 1/2” width ribbon. Hand  tied are nice if you want to add a bow to a wig or doll  clothing or any craft project.

Note , if you order a wig and choose a bow for your wig and I sew it on, there is no extra charge. When adding a bow(s) to your wig, please give me two color choices, sometimes I may be out of  the color you want.

Top:Natural white or off white

Left: White

Right bottom: Ivory

Top left : Pale Pink

Top Right : Lt. Lavender

Row 2: Lt Blue

             Pale Yellow

Bottom :  Lt. Peach

Top left: Dusty Lavender

Top Right : Dusty Blue

Bottom : Dusty Rose , some might call this color Mauve.

Top :  Sea foam, more blue then green, gorgeous.

Bottom :

Antique Peach Pink

Both are lovely antique shades.

Top left : Antique Green

Top Right : Ruby Red

Middle left : Milk chocolate

Middle right : Black

Bottom left : Antique Gold

Bottom Right : Burgundy