In the late 70’s I decided that I wanted to make wig designs that were fun and unique. Many of my fancy wig designs and lady designs are original styles I designed and have made over several years, in fact they were my first collection of wigs I offered to collectors and doll studios, before offering my “Old World”designs you see at the beginning of my website .  Several of my wig designs came  from my imagination and drawings of them , also from old movies and paintings. Before every design was made , I drew it, then I tried making the design, some were wonderful, some were so complicated I didn’t attempt to go any further and tossed the wig. I offer many fancy designs such as Laura, and some I have retired, but before I retire, I hope to bring back a few that I made when I first started making wigs in 1977.



An original style of mine that  can be used on many French dolls.  It is  a lovely all over  curled style. Laura has a side part and loose all over curls that fall in layers.  Laura is made in English mohair, and in those colors only .

The wig shown was made in Honey Caramel Blonde with an ivory silk bow.

This lovely EJ 14 was painted by doll artists Lynda and Allen  Marx in 1990.