So soft and curly, lambskin doll wigs for Huret and French fashions                 

A short style of all over little curls, so soft and curly. Made from real lambskin, just like the old dollies had many years ago. Perfect for Huret, French fashions and other fine french dolls, antique or reproduction.  I make my hand sewn lambskin wigs in three colors, Natural white, light tea stained blond and solid black.   Note, I do not custom dye skin wigs in other colors other then Light blond. Most wigs that are shown below are in a light blond.

Please see how to measure page on my website, it is so easy, only two seperate measurements. When measureing for any handmade wig of mine, make sure your doll has a pate on her head,a pate she will always wear, this will assure a very nice fit when her new wig is placed on her head.

Please be aware that curl size will vary , from curly to very curly, curls are all naturally produced by the lamb it comes from.

This is a nice example of an old doll wearing a skin wig.This old doll was made in France and is from the 1860’s. She only measures 12 1/2” inches tall, isn’t she cute with her little straw hat and sweet little dress. Thank you Pat for sharing your picture of your little doll.

Both Huret dolls shown above were made by doll maker / artist Jackie Chimpky, they are so beautiful. If you would like more information about jackie’s dolls, please email Jackie at

My customer Judy sent a picture of her doll wearing her new black lambskin wig, this style  worked so well for her.

            Little Jumeau reproduction by Doll maker / doll shoe artist ,Fran Quinn, Medinah Illinois.  Fran loves to make little dolls, she is also known for her fabulous handmade doll shoes and handmade accessories. Her website can be found  at

I also sell her fabulous doll shoes on my website and some accessories.

Another example of a skin wig on a Cresent Bru, isn’t she pretty. Bru was made by long time reproduction doll artist Connie Drake, Canada

Another  wonderful little antique Jumeau wearing her new lamb skin wig, made in black. Thank you Sylvia.W  for shareing your photo

  I thought you might want to see what a black skin wig looks like on this little antique jumeau, isn’t she special.

Thank you Sylvia .W for sharing your picture of her .

New for 2017, Huret Davida Dior with glass eyes. Created by long time doll reproduction artist Darlene Lane , from Tucson Arizona , located in the U.S.A.  Isn’t she lovely in her new skin wig, you can see how well this wig works under a hat. Darlene produces this beautidul doll at her studio in Tuscon  Arizona. If you would love to order her, email her at

What a wonderful group of Huret’s wearing their new skin wigs handmade by me . Dolls were produced by reproduction doll artist  Tammy Herrell, she took this picture before a doll show in Nashville Tenn. Tammy added bows and ribbons to her wigs, which is something you could do, to add a little sparkle to your dolls wig.

Contact Tammy at , she produces these sweet little dolls for purchase.

Please see a larger picture of Tamaras  Huret is shown at the top of this page, she is lovely with her antique green silk ribbon run through her hair..