English mohair color chart, in pictures

Color choices for all of my fancy wigs styles, such as lady styles and my fancy original styles .



         This type of mohair is used for my lady wig designs and my fancy original  designs only, I do not make any of my fancy styles or lady wigs from my natural mohair in hand dyed colors.

Styles such as Laura,Ariel, Sarah,Vivian, Opal , Elise etc... This type of angora mohair is a processed mohair, that is factory dyed and produced in England  .  English mohair is a finer texture mohair then my hand dyed natural mohair, but is the correct type of mohair used to create my fancier detailed designs.  

Please note,  My new English mohair, is now shorter than past years, so I am unable to make certain colors in larger size wigs, so when ordering, pick out two colors for that larger size wig you want to order. State which is your favorite and second favorite and I will see what color works best.

Whats left of my longer vintage mohair supply from the 1970‘s, colors are so limited now . I will be offering my Old World styles made from this type of mohair on my pre made wig page, no special orders will be taken .  Do watch my pre made page for Old World wig styles made out of this type of mohair, when it runs out, this is it. My “Old World” styles are what you see below modeling each color offered for my fancy original styles and Lady styles.

                      Baby Blond


A lighter shade then my Pale Blond shown below. This color is not platinum, it is a pretty shade that works beautifully on french dolls. This color can be ordered for Lady wigs and Fancy original styles only.

Pale Blond, which is a shade darker then Baby Blond , it resembles my hand dyed color Antique Blond.

This color can be ordered for Fancy original styles and lady styles only .                       

                  Light Honey Caramel Blond


A light shade of honey blond, a customer favorite over the years. This is an original color found on an old Bru many years ago. This color can be ordered for Lady wigs, Fancy original styles only.    

                                       Honey Ash Blond:


A real favorite of my customers through the years is back.No green cast , just a beautiful lighter shade of Dark Blond, with a brownish cast.

Honey Ash is used for Lady designs and Fancy orignal designs only.

                    Pale Brown , the color of light milk Chocolate.

A gorgeous antique color from the past that has no red cast and no green cast. The shade is pale and lighter then any brown I offer on this page.

Pale brown is only used for Lady styles and Fancy Original styles only.

                                    Chestnut Brown

This shade is a pretty brown with a red cast. A customer favorite over the years.

No green cast.

If you want no red cast, see my Light Brown shade below


For lady wigs and Fancy original styles only.


                                      Vintage Carrot Brown


After many years and running out of this color, it is back, a gorgeous rusty brown, not at all orange . A wonderful color for a French doll where you would like a realistic red shade for a doll that begs for red hair. .

Used for Lady wigs and Fancy original styles only.

                                                        Dark Brown

A color that looks like Dark Chocolate, almost black.Perfect for ethnic dolls or dolls that have a very dark brow and good coloring.I would not use it on any doll that has a pale complexion.

A gorgeous dark brown, a color many have enjoyed since 1977. This color can  only be used for my lady styles and Fancy styles only.

                       Light Brown

This new color is a lighter brown that has a slight golden cast,  no green cast or red cast, it is a pretty shade of light brown.If you  do not want a red cast, this shade is what you want to order.

This color can be ordered for my fancy styles and lady wigs only.


                      Golden Honey Blond

This new shade is a little warmer and darker then my honey caramel shade, with more of a golden cast.

This color is only used for my fancy designs and lady wigs.

                                    Pecan Blond

A nice  shade of Strawberry blond with golden tones of brown. A customer favorite over the years for french fashions. I am nearly out of this old shade and I cannot get it anymore, it is vintage mohair from the 1970's.

This color can only be used for fancy original styles and lady styles only.

Pale Blond