Pre Made wig ordering , Shipping and other information about my wigs

Pre wigs available : I do have handmade doll wigs available, just not every size, style or color.  All pre made wigs are made at a depth that will fit most doll heads. If your doll is German or is a french fashion, always measure the depth of your dolls head, with pate on her head before ordering. See my page on how to measure for one of my doll wigs on my website.  All wigs and doll accessories are made in a smoke free environment.

Can you restyle my wigs?

You cannot restyle any of my fancy orignal English mohair hair styles, those styles would be lady wigs and fancy original styles such as Laura, Opal, India, Vivian, etc..., if you tried you would ruin them, so order them for the look they have and enjoy them.

My  hand dyed “Old World”  mohair wigs,  made from natural mohair , you can comb.  Using a wide tooth plastic hair pic or wide tooth metal comb, you can comb any of my antique looking styles, such as Emma, Margaret, Jane Scarlett, Christa if you need too.  The best hair pics are Plastic , they are what you use to comb your hair when it is freshly washed  . The best plastic ones  can be purchased at Target or Walmart in packages of two big combs. You may want to reset your wig with a hot curling iron after you do comb them, as combing them out will remove some of the curl.Never use a hair brush or plastic comb on mohair, it stretches the mohair and the hair can be pulled from the hair weft and cap.

Curling irons are fine to use on real mohair, mohair is sturdy and can be set with a hot iron.

Old World wefted designs cannot be washed or redyed, they would be ruined so do not try and do this.

I do not spray my wigs with  clear poly spray to hold the curl as some wigmakers in the past did. I do lightly spray unscented hair spray on every wig before shipping, this way if you want to reset your antique style, you can without the hair sticking to the hot curling iron.

Order what you see.Trying too braid a hand made wig, such as Margaret, all you would see would be weft lines and my handmade cap. Wigs are made in a pattern to create the look you see, so always order the look you want and enjoy it .All wigs for dolls are made this way, no matter the wig company, so keep this in mind when ordering doll wigs from anyone.

Another word of caution...Do Not order any wig to resize it to fit your doll, such as cutting it up the back to fit a bigger head, or resewing to make smaller, you will be so unhappy with what you have tried to do. I have heard stories where people have gone to doll shows and the dealer has done this to the wig to sell it to fit your doll or dolls they sell . My wigs are hand sewn to fit what ever size you order, so it fits your dolls  head properly. So please wait for the wig size you need rather then order to change it when you get it. I highly suggest that if you ever see a wig made by me that has been cut up the back, or made smaller or larger in any way by someone else, do not buy it, the fit will never look good on you doll or any doll. Never ever do I take a scissor and cut any wig up the back to make larger, or take a cap and add fabric to increase its size. Any wig of mine treated this way would render it worthless.  I have had people ask me to fix these type of wigs and it is not a wig I can repair  , it is a throw away.

Mohair is it real or fake ? My wigs are all made from real authentic angora goat mohair, which I buy raw off the angora goat farms throughout the country. I do not use fake mohair which is on the market and used for doll wigs. What you get from me is the real thing, just like the old dollies had long ago. Beware of fake mohair, it looks like the real thing, but if you try and set a fake mohair wig with a curling iron, it will melt to the iron, YIKES !

How are wigs sent to you? I box each and every wig neatly in a clean new wig box before shipping them in a good strong box. Never do I send a wig folded in an envelope, so please do not ask me too, it would crush the design.  All wigs are signed and dated by me, including the box the wig comes in. I tell customers too keep the box the wig comes in just incase the doll is ever packed away and they want to store her wig. A mohair doll wig is like a fine hat and should be stored when not in use, or when the doll is moved or packed away. The weight of a doll packed in a box stored or shipped, will crush the design of any wig, so do keep their wig seperate from them if stored or mailed.

Shipping: In the U.S, I ship three ways, Parcel Post, First Class or Priority mail, depending on the size of the box being shipped.   I enjoy saving you money and will always ship the cheapest way. All boxes will be shipped with delivery confirmation, and insurance is recommended . I will not be responsible for uninsured parcels, or lost parcels. International sales: I ship by First Class International mail shipping, unless you tell me otherwise before I ship your wigs.   I do not send wigs to all countries, so please write and ask before placing your wig order.I have had problems in the past, people telling me the wig never arrived, so those countries I will never send to again, such as China or the mid east.. Most countries I will ship to, such as England,Canada,Australia, Switzerland, Austria, Japan,  and Germany. In the past, I refunded for lost wigs, now I will no longer absorb the loss when a package is lost. When I do send your wigs out, I will always send a tracking number within 24 hours.  I do not ship to a second address, please do not ask me too. The address I send the wig to should match your Paypal address or what is on your check or money order.

Sorry, shipping fees are non refundable.

Before you order:Please allow 3-4 months  for your special made wig order to be completed, I can no longer work on deadlines.   I do have a pre made wig page, so do check that page, I may have something already made. Before ordering always measure your dolls head as shown on my “How to measure page”. This information is for measuring for my custom made wigs, not anyone else’s on the doll market. Wigs are hand sewn and do not have stretch bands in them.

Months I do not take Special made wig  orders: I do take off June, July and August and December off  from making special made wigs to catch up on things, such as washing and dyeing raw mohair for my wigs and enjoying life. Ordering for special made wigs will resume the first week of September. I take special orders 3 times a year now, not throughout the year like I did in the past.  Special made wigs are wigs you want to order that you see on my website in the size , color and style you want for your doll. I will post special wig ordering dates on my HOME page, so always check there before trying to order any special order custom wig, sometimes those dates change. During my months off, I will offer pre made wigs and Fran’s hand made doll shoes, I will also make skin wigs for those people that want them, but that will be the extent of it until I start your w special wig orders again in early September.

Email me your doll head size, design name, bow color and hair color . Not all styles can be made in all sizes or colors, so read  under each picture, as to what can be made and what cannot be made in the size you need. If a size is not mentioned under the picture of the style you like, in the size you need, it cannot be made for various reasons.

Please email your name and address with order and I will confirm your order. Payment is not due until the wig is finished. I rarely take payment ahead of time for any wig.

How to order a pre made wig for your doll: The first thing to do is measure your dolls head using my measuring instructions on my website.  When you find the wig that will fit your dolls head, contact me by email on my contact page  with your full address, including your zip code, so I can determine shipping costs. Include the wig style number, name, color , and size .  Also include the color of the silk bow you would like me to hand sew on if you do not like the color of the bow already on the wig you want.  I will send you a Paypal invoice after you place your order for a Pre made wig.If special ordering a wig for me to make for your doll, please allow 3 months to 4 months for your order to be completed. It could be sooner , it will always depend on the types of wigs that I am working on for others, and the time of year .Monday through Friday I check may email twice a day on my computer, and answer your emails as fast as I can. I do not use a cell phone when taking wig orders, so please allow me at least a day or two to get back to you if you call and I am not answering..

My two types of mohair supply I make my wigs out of:

I work with two types of mohair, my natural hand dyed, which is  raw mohair I hand wash and dye myself .My natural mohair comes to me comes raw, sheared off the goat,which is very greasy and dirty, and I spend the summer months prepareing it for the wigs I make for you.  This type of hair runs in all lengths , 6” to 12” inches, sometimes longer. This type of mohair is much like human hair and I use it to make many of my antique styles wigs, such as Emma, Margaret Jane Scarlett and Mary Margaret. I can make wigs as small as 6” in this type of mohair and as large as 18 1/2” in tail extension wigs. It is not the type of hair I would use for my fancy styles or lady styles only because it doesn’t lend itself to create the smooth curls and hairstyle you see on those type of wigs. Natural hand dyed mohair is gorgeous and a real customer favorite because of the look and length that I can make my Old World styles in.It was the type of mohair used for the antique wigs made long ago.It has shine and beautiful curls and waves and has little chance of mating if treated properly..Please order the color you enjoy and do not attempt to redye it yourself, you will ruin your wig.

The second type of mohair I work in is English mohair. English mohair is sheared off younger goats , which produce a shorter hair lock and  is a  finer texture mohair. It is processed in England and factory dyed in several colors . This style of mohair creates the fancy wigs you see, such as Laura, Vivian, Vivian, Jessica, Opal, and Elisa, in small,  medium and Large sizes.  English mohair can mat when over handled, so the less handled the better, but this is true with any hand made wig from anyone  made from English mohair.

Vintage English mohair, from England comes in many factory dyed colors, but are in short suply. I reserve my vintage English mohair for Pre made wigs only, only because there is never enough of each color to offer to everyone. If you are looking for special vintage english mohair colors, check my premade page, I have some lovely old shades available in wigs. Once these shades are gone, I can never get them again.

Natural hand dyed mohair is dyed in 5  standard colors .  My one of a kind colors, are my pretty mistakes.  I make wigs out of those colors for my pre made sales page, so check there if you want a one of a kind color, there are some pretty ones. Styles made in this type of  mohair are tail extension wigs and styles such as Mary Margaret,  Ellen, Emma, Jane Scarlett, ,Margaret,  Rebecca, Piper and Anne, which are long and flowing styles .

Skin Wigs: Skin wigs are made from soft curly  lamb pelts, which I either tea stain or lea naturalve white, your choice when ordering. I also offer Lamb skin wigs in Black, which is very pretty.  

Hand made lady wigs and fancy wigs:   These type of wigs are wigs you set on your doll and leave be, the less handling the better, and they will look lovely for years. Curls are hand made and applied by hand sewing, one by one.  You cannot  comb my fancy styles or Lady wigs or restyle them, combing will destroy the curl that was handmade. When fancy styles are handmade, each curl you see is hand wound and set at high heat, then hand sewn to the hand sewn cloth wig cap. This  takes hours to make this type of wig as it is done in a pattern and in layers. People love these for the detail and workmanship, but you have to respect them by leaving them alone once attached to the doll head.

Can you wash my mohair wigs, or use hair dye to change the wig? Never , ever, you do not want to wash or dye any  hand made or factory made mohair wig, it will ruin them,  no matter who makes them.  Washing any wig will matt the mohair or destroy the look entirely.  Many of my hand made wigs are strickly ornamental .

Wisconsin sales tax : I do collect 5% sales tax for all sales in Wisconsin.

Wig order email address :   I answer email Monday through Friday, not usually weekends .Please allow 2 to 3 days for me to get back to you. You can also call me, which I enjoy,  at 715-822-3478, this is a land line phone, not a cell phone.

Mail order/ internet business only.

Wanted :     I am interested in buying old English mohair supply, in the form of roving, which looks like a rope of hair when unwound. If you know of any old doll business that has closed over the years, I may want to purchase their old mohair supply, many doll businesses carried it in the early 60’s through the 90’s. Take a picture of what you have available and send me small samples of what you  have for sale.  Don’t forget to send me your phone number and address when contacting me.