Natural hand dyed mohair color chart, in pictures

                                         Natural mohair is used for all of my Old World styles .

Such as , Emma, Margaret, Ava, Piper, Mercedes, Jane Scarlett, Mary Margaret, Anne and Ellen and Abigail.            

This type of mohair is sheared off the angora goat, then washed and dyed to create the colors below. This type of mohair is what the old dolls had years ago. It looks like child’s hair and has wonderful natural shine and texture, not at all fuzzy and flyaway. The texture is very much like of human hair. .Dye lots will vary, either a little lighter, or a little darker because my dyes are hand made for me. Styles will run past  the shoulders or  longer depending on size ordered. What I tell everyone is, the larger the doll head, the shorter the wig will be in this type of mohair. If the wigs measures 10” or smaller, many times I make the wig with longer mohair, unless you tell me other wise.  If I have longer mohair for wigs sizes 13” inches or larger,which sometimes I do, I will always use it so that the wig length will be as long as possible, unless you tell me  you want the wig made shorter, which is a rare request .


Not at all  white or ashy. It is a nice  blond without a golden cast. It would be best used for french dolls  that have good color, Dolls that are pale , would look washed out in this shade. Go to my Antique Blond instead. Light Blond is a customer favorite and at times I do run out of it.

                                       Antique Blonde

An antique shade of blond with soft golden to brownish  tone, a customer favorite , not at all yellow.


                                             Honey Blonde

A shade that looks like warm melted caramel candy, a shade you would want for a french doll. From time to time I have lighter and darker shades of this color. Just let me know what you prefer when ordering. Color shown is the darker shade.

                                            Dark Blond

With a slight honey cast, no green cast. Sometimes I have lighter and  darker shades of this color available, just let me know when ordering.. The wig shown in this photo is a darker shade of dark blond.

                        Strawberry Blond

Available for special orders from time to time, it sells out fast.


A pretty  light brown with a slight red cast.

Not available all the time , it sells out fast, so make sure you have a second choice color when ordering.