Lovely handmade leather doll shoes by doll shoe artist Fran Quinn

  Attention...As of August 2023. Fran Quinn doll shoes listed below are the last shoes I will be getting from Fran, she has decided to retire and she will no longer be making her wonderful shoes .   If you need any of her shoes , now is the time to get what I have left .  Go to my Links page and find her website, it is still up and running. If you do not see what you need on my website for doll shoes, go to her site and see what is still available.


If you have ever wanted the best in a doll shoe, I believe Fran’s doll shoes are the nicest I have ever seen . Through the years,  many of you have bought Fran Quinn doll shoes  and have loved them for their fine handmade quality, and the beauty they add to any dolls entire look. Fran uses lamb skin leather and other fine leathers for her handmade shoes and boots, she also enjoys making shoes in various colors of leather,giving you lots of choices to match that special costume. Fran also enjoys using the finest  vintage buttons, buckles and other vintage supply.  She also creates special rosettes for her shoes , which add so much detail and design to her shoes.If you want a special shoe for your special doll, you have found them at last .  For good fit,Fran always makes her doll shoes too fit the right and left foot .

   Shoes are all made by Fran Quinn in the U.S.A, in a smoke free doll studio.

When measuring for doll shoes, please measure your dolls foot. Measure length and fullest width of her foot without stockings on. If you want to send a traceing of your dolls foot before ordering, please do, I will check the shoe you are interested in before selling it to you.  Please send your doll foot traceing to my address on my home page, also send me your email address for a response. I will hold any pair of shoes 10 days  while you are sending me the traceing of your dolls foot.

Return policy  :    Please measure carefully. Frans handmade shoes can be returned if they do not fit, or the color doesn’t match your dolls clothing  but shipping is none refundable. If there is a return, shoes must be returned in the condition they were sent in and in original packing material before  your money is refunded.If you have any questions prior to ordering, please ask, I enjoy helping you .



#363SN                                                     Lovely Jumeau slipper in Eggplant Purple suede leather

Gorgeous large doll slipper., with golden metal buckles and bows. Easy on and off ,matching pearl buttons with elastic loops to stretch over many ankle sizes.  Shoes would fit a doll fot that measures 3 1/2” inches long and 1 2/3” inches wide.  $85.99 plus shipping. Price includes shoe storage box.

#323SN      Another little pair of these little antique child shoes copied ffrom the 1900’s. Fran made two pair of these, above there is a pair in a dark navy blue, this pair is in Black leather with old glass black buttons,, simply adorable. Shoes are made to slip on and slip off easily. Shoes would fit Byrons 11” french body or a foot that measures 1 7/8” long and 3/4” wide. Hand tooled into the leather sole is the French cottage stamp $66.99 plus shipping. Shoes come with their own shoe box

#310SN                                  English riding boot, for fixed ankle 20” lady doll body. These are wonderful if you are looking for that special boot for your special lady doll.  Made from smooth black lamb skin leather. Boots have black cord laces that lace up the back , boots also have wonderful composition heals. At the very top edge of the boot , it they  are trimmed in black suede, which really sets off the boots. Leather sole measures 3 1/2”  inches long and 1 3/8” inches wide.

  Hand tooled leather sole reads  ,Paris Depose with a Bee.  $93.99 plus shipping.

#258SN                     Adorable boot and a one of a kind.  Really special lamb skin leather lace up boot , in two tone leather , black and cool mint green, with black cotton laces.Top stitched in a mint green, so detailed and so neatly done.  Leather sole measures 2” inches long and 7/8” inches wide.

Hand tooled leather sole has French cottage Marque Depose shoe stamp. $59.99 plus shipping. Stunning in person, and quality made.

#246SN                                 Very pretty chocolate brown lamb skin leather shoe. Rosette on the toe is old white lace with chocolate brown colored silk rosette in the center over off white antique lace, with an old gold colored decorative metal button in the center. Shoes also have brown silk ribbon ties to match.  Shoes would fit a 20” Byron french body.  Leather sole measures 3 3/8” inches long and 1 5/8”  inches wide.  Hand tooled leather sole has a French Steiner stamp , it reads Paris Depose with a star. A beautiful pair of shoes, in a gorgeous chocolate color.

$73.99 plus shipping.

$297SN                Sweet little french lace up ankle boots, made in black lamb  with 16 eyelets per boot. Toe area has a gold metal buckle  with matching leather bow.  Black silk ribbon ties lace the boots. Hand tooled leather sole with French cottage sole stamp at the bottom. A darling boot in person.  Bottom measures 2 1/8” inches long and 3/4” inches wide.

Would fit Byron’s 11” french body or a leather lady body ankle that would measure 3 1/4” around.  $63.99 plus shipping. Includes handmade boot box made by Fran, something lovely to store these little boots in when not in use.

#370SN                                                     Beautiful White lambskin Childs side button boot

Boots have working mother of pearl buttons  and hand stamped leather soles. Boot would fit Seeley’s 17” inch french body or Seeley’s 18” inch french body, or a foot that measures 3 1/8” inches long and 1 1/8” inches wide. Includes Fran’s fancy boot box for boot storage.

$94.99 plus shipping.

#303SN                   Here is another pair of reproduced Paul Poirot shoes, Fran only reproduced three pair for me, all the same size but three different colors, check the other two pair out that I have listed for sale now. Shoes are made in a dark silver taupe color with an ankle strap that opens and closes with a tiny crystal button at the side. Foot sole measures 1 5/8” inches long and 5/8” inches wide, and an ankle that measures 2 1/4” inch circumference.  Hand tooled sole shoes show the letter B. Shoes would fit Bleuette or any foot that measures this size.  $72.99 plus shipping. Price includes pretty hand made shoebox.

#304SN                Another lovely pair of reproduced Paul Poirot shoes, in silver lamb skin leather with ankle strap with little glass crystal bead closure. Crystal swarouski embellishment on the toe area in clear sparkly silver, which make these little shoes just sparkle, something my camera cannot pick up, these are gorgeous in person.  Leather sole measures 1 3/4” inches long and 5/8” inches wide with an ankle measurement of 2 1/4” inch circumference..                                         Hand tooled leather sole .

$72.99 plus shipping. Price includes a pretty handmade shoe box.

# 261SN                       A gorgeous warm mint green lamb skin, a color I have never seen Fran make this color before, it is very pretty. Shoes have a beautiful  emerald green cut glass antique button, that  opens and closes the strap. Toe are has matching leather bow and gold colored metal buckle. Leather hand tooled sole has French Jumeau bee stamp. Leather sole measures 3” inches long and 1 1/4” inches wide.   $56.99 plus shipping

*** Throughout my listings I have used the letters NYDP,which translated  - New York Doll Products.          Which is the old Seeley’s. ***

#132SN                  Buttery smooth leather German T - Strap for a 13” toddler body.  Beautiful lambskin leather in a cardinal red color, so pretty. Cut out leather detail on toe area.Shoes also have working buttons that open and close for easy slip on and off. Leather sole measures 2 3/4” inches long and 1 1/2 inches wide.   Hand tooled sole with German stamped at the bottom.  $59.99 plus shipping.

#255SN                           Sweet baby blue suede leather ankle tie slipper shoe, with matching silk ribbon ties, these are so adorable. Hand tooled leather sole measures 1 1/2” inches long and 3/4” inch wide.    $ 45.99 plus shipping.

356SN                                                 These are the smallest boots I have ever seen Fran make, just adorable.

   A beautiful tiny riding boot, all black lambskin leather with tiny metal eyelets. There is matching black silk ties that lace through the eyelets.

Boots have leather soles with leather heals.  They would fit a foot 1” inch long and 1/4” inch wide. Boots come in artist made shoe box. $64.00 plus shipping.                Would fit a body size of 5 7/8” inches tall.  

#372SN                                          1900’s lady beaded slipper, in pearlized pale pink lambskin leather.

So dainty  and specail. Shoes have little black jet beaded design with little jet black buttons that open and close.

Shoes would fit a doll foot that measures 1 7/8” inches long and 7/8” inches wide. They would also fit Dollsparts large lady body or Gildabriefs.   $87.99 plus shipping.  Frans fancy shoe box included.

#313SN              What a different shoe, so unique. It is black patent leather with red cord shoe ties. Shoes were copied from an antique German shoe. Would fit a 16” inch German body by Byron or Make a doll, or a foot that measures  1 7/8”inches long  and 1” inch wide.  $50.99 plus shipping.

#302SN         Custom wrap boot. Fran has never offered this boot before, so it may be a boot you might want to get now.

It is made in Black lamb skin leather with gold metal buckles . Leather sole measures 3 3/8” inches long and 1 3/8”  inches wide, with an ankle circumference of 5 inches. Always remember to allow for stockings.   Boot height is 3” tall. Boot would fit  20” compo Seeley’s lady body or NYDP or Virginia Lavorgna’s 20” lady body.  Hand tooled leather sole reads Paris Depose with a stamp of a Bee.   $ $87.99     Plus shipping. Boots come with their own boot box, hand decorated by Fran, a very pretty box you will want to keep .

#279SN                            Daisy’s Oxfords. So sweet. Made in smooth leather, in pure white. Shoes have cotton cord type laces, so perfect for these little shoes. Leather sole measures 2 5/8” inches long and 1 1/4” inches wide.  Oxfords would also fit NYDP’S Daisy body GD 14 . Shoes have hand tooled the French kestner shoe stamp, stamped into the leather sole. $ 63.99 plus shipping.

#338SN            All leather booties, even the sole. These are so soft. Made in a golden brown leather,a little darker then my photo. Booties are edged in a light brown cotton fabric and top stitched. Booties have little gold metal eyelets and brown cotton laces. You will enjoy these, they are the first Fran has ever made for me too offer to you. Booties would fit a foot that measures 3” inches long  and 1 7/8” wide., with an ankle that measures 5 1/4” inches. 65.99 plus shipping. Booties come with their own shoe box.  

#351SN                           Adorable light peach wool felt bunny slipper for Bravots Loulotte, a new item handmade by Fran Quinn.  Slippers have matching peach silk bows, swauarski black crystal eyes and black felt tip nose. Slippers would fit a doll foot measureing 1 1/4” long and 5/8” wide. $45.99 plus shipping. Slippers come with thier own shoe box, customers love these.

#343SN                               Sweet black patent leather shoe, with black silk shoe laces. Buckle on the toe is a silver dark metal, so pretty with the black patent leather. Hand tooled sole is stamped with the letters L and D.

Shoes come with Frans shoe box,everyone loves these. Shoes would fit a doll foot that measures 2 1/4” inches long and 3/4” inches wide. Please remember to allow for stockings. $55.99 plus shipping. Shoes come in their own shoe box.

#293SN                                1860’s Ice skates.  Fran has never offered these before, so unique. Made from black leather, with silver metal blades . Fran tells me they can fit over a slipper type shoe, black socks, or placed in her hands. If these were mine ,I would have the doll hold them, they are too adorable to hide on her feet. Foot size, 1” inches long and 3/4”  inches wide. Would also fit small Gildabrief  lady body or a 12” doll.     Price includes Frans pretty handmade skate box . $ 71.99 plus shipping.

#326SN                   Fran has never made these before, could be the only pair I ever get. They are a three strap button shoe, in a black lamb skin leather with a silk bow on the toe in a darker brown, almost black.In the center of the bow is little seed beads forming a beaded flower, in the same color as the bow.

The three straps across the foot have working Swarouski black crystals for buttons. Shoes would fit a 20” lady body, or a foot that measures 3” inches long and 1 1/4”  inches wide.

Shoes come with shoe box.  $102.99

#349SN                     The Princess doll shoe, reproduction from the story of France and Marianne, copied from the book.

Shoes is in an off white leather with black leather trim, all topstiched, beutiful detail. Shoes open and close on a small gold metal button. Would fit a foot that measures 2” inches long and 1 1/8” inches wide. $93.99 plus shipping.  Hand tooled leather sole Paris Depose. Shoes come with pretty shoe box.SOLD

#283SN             A very pretty high button boot, which comes with two hand made tassels in black, not shown. You can add them to one of the buttons at the top after you place the boot  on the doll and button it on her foot .  Boots are made from soft Lamb skin leather, in Black and dark gray.  Mother of pearl buttons match the grey leather and are glass.   Leather sole measures 3 3/4” inches long and 1 3/4” inch wide.  Boot would also fit Byrons 21 inch french body. Hand tooled leather sole has Frans makers stamp.  $85.00 plus shipping.