““                                                           Old World mohair Tail Extension wigs


This type of wig has tails of hair added underneath the wig to create the length you see, wonderful for large dolls with heads that measure 13" inch circumference to 17” inch circumference.I decided to stop making these type of wigs a year ago because the cost of making one has gone way up, but I have had requests to continue making them so if you are willing to pay a little more for them, I will offer them again .

Tailed version of Old World style “Rebecca”, with a hand curled bang. Long and lovely, with waves and ringlets, a customer request. This wig  was made in size 17” circ. It is made in hand dyed antique blond mohair and can be made in most, but not all,  hand dyed colors . This wig was made in a darker shade of  hand dyed antique blond with antique silk bows.

    Another example,  Mary Margaret made with tail extensions. This wig was made in hand dyed honey blonde with antique sea foam colored silk bows.

Margaret ,with tail extensions.

This style was made in hand dyed Dark.Blonde , with a slight honey cast.     

Here is another example of a tail extension, this style is called Emma. Emma can be made with a side or middle hair part, with or without a bow, your choice.

This wig was made in a size 18 1/2” circumference in hand dyed mohair color Dk. Blonde, which has a little bit of a honey cast. This style would be wonderful on a large  german made doll as well as a french doll.

            Here is a photo I thought you all would enjoy, Bru’ Jne13 , wearing their new tail extension wigs, in styles Mary Margaret (left ) and Rebecca (right) . Wigs were both made from natural mohair in hand dyed color antique blond.    Dolls were made by Joan Schindel  from Rosewood Cottage, her studio is located  in Canada .    Thank you for sharing your photo of them Joan.

   At this time,     I make all the tailed wig styles above in Light Blond, Antique Blond,Dark Blond and Honey Blond only. Please measure  your dolls head  and give me both measurements I show on my How to Measure page, found in the menu above. With these two measurements , your wig will fit well on your doll. Tailed wig are made to order, wait time can run 3 months or longer, it just depends what time of the year you order, so do plan to wait. I only make tailed wigs in sizes 13” inch circumference through  17” inch circumference.

13" through size 13 1/2"  -- $185.00               

13 3/4" through size 14 1/2"  ---   $200.00   Special made to order wigs orders are closed but will be taken again the

14 3/4" through size 15 1/2 -------$225.00   entire month of December 2023.  

                                                                      Please read the bottom half  of my Home page before ordering any wigs.

15 3/4" through size 16 1/2  ------ $250.00  

16 3/4" through size 17 1/4" ------ $275.00            Price does not include shipping.