Years ago in the late 70’s , when I was just beginning to make mohair wigs , every doll maker I worked for loved making  french fashion dolls.  Through those years I had so many doll artists sending me pictures of what they needed, at the same time I was  studying the old wigs found on the  old french fashion dolls, but I also had the desire to create my own designs and began drawing ideas in a book , also studying those old movies from the 30’s and 40’s. These types of wigs take me the longest to make, so wait time will be much longer. Today, there are many talented doll makers that have the  desire to make these fine ladies again, also many that are lucky enough to own an antique french fashion doll, and are shopping for a replacement wig.  On my website you will find a page of handmade lady styles you may choose from. All are made from English mohair only, please see my English mohair color chart on my website when choosing the color you want for your wig .

The lovely Smiling Mona Lisa Bru  Fashion shown in the picture above was made by  doll artist Suzanne McBrayer. Please check out her website  she has many wonderful reproduction dolls for sale.

The wig shown to the left was made  and designed by me, Wendy Feidt. The style name is  Naomi and is shown in English mohair color Chestnut Brown .

Style can be made with or without off white glass pearls.