How to measure, it is so easy

My wigs are custom made and do not have stretch caps, but people find my wigs fit nicely when they get them. I have made my wigs like this since 1977. Most of the heads I work on are french heads, and either have cork pates or styrofoam pates.  I also work on german heads if the wig order calls for it, German heads are shaped so differently. My wig caps are all hand sewn using 100% cotton, which will last many many years. Each wig is signed and dated by me, Wendy Feidt.  I have stayed away from any elastic stretch caps because in time elastic rots , and the fit of the wig would change with time. With care, my wigs will be around for many years to come, because they are made from natural materials.

First measurement: Find a flexible fabric cloth or vinyl measuring tape, in inch’s, and measure around the dolls head as shown.  Example : The head shown is a size 15” circ., that is what you would order for her, but if your dolls head measures 15 1/2”,  you would order 15 1/2” inches, it is that simple . Another example would be.....If your dolls head measures 6 5/8’’ around , that is what size you would order, or jump to size 6 3/4", it will make the wig easier to get on over a cork or styrofoam pate.  

Now for the second measurement, the ear top to ear top measurement...Take your measure tape and measure ear top to ear top, over the pate you have on your doll. Do not measure without the dolls pate on otherwise your wig will be made way to shallow and will sit way to high up on her head. Note, if your doll head does not have a pate, tell me when you order, I will estimate the depth depending what you tell me,French,German , French Fashion, all bisque, solid dome etc.. This second measurement is so important, it gives me her head depth, this way the wig will sit on her head securely and not made too shallow.

Never measure over an old wig, remove the old wig first.

Measuring example.... if your dolls head measures 15’’, as shown below, And  ear top to ear top measures 7”, as shown below, then you would tell me your dolls head measures 15” x 7”, that is the size of the wig you would order for your dolls head. With that information , I can make sure you will get a wig that will fit your dolls head and will be deep enough to fit her head.  Doll studios, please measure your dolls head before ordering. Never ever go by any  doll mold book that tells you what the head measures after firing, those measurements are for wigs with commercial stretch caps. Always fire your heads first, then measure each head, even if they are the same head.  My wigs are custom made , and because they are custom made,  my hand made wigs are not returnable due to the amount of work that goes into each and everyone of them.

Pre made wigs: Wigs are ready made and ready to go.  Please read about measuring for depth  before ordering any pre made wig, it is help information to know before ordering any pre made wig. Measuring for depth is shown below, so easy. For my new miniature wigs, no depth measurement is needed, just her measured head circumference.

The first of two measurements     Step  #1   - When measuring, make sure the tape doesn’t slip down too close to the brows. The tape should rest where a natural hairline would be on a persons head. Look in the mirror at your own hairline, this is where the tape should sit on your doll head when measuring. Also make sure your doll has a pate attached to the top of the head as shown, this allows the wig too look naturally rounded like a persons head when you go to place the wig on the dolls head. Never give me a measurement of a doll head without a pate,  the wig will be made too shallow and will just slide off the dolls head when you put it on your dolls head.

****Please see my note written in red at the bottom of this page about cork pates and measuring.If your doll wears a cork pate, please read before ordering.