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If you have any questions or would like to order over the phone, call 715-822-3478, Monday through Friday, 10AM to 3 PM central time. My work phone is a landline phone, not a cell phone, please ring at least 8 times.  Or you may contact me  on my contact page in the menu above. I answer emails within 24 hours .

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Beautiful glass eyed Huret by doll artist Darlene Lane . Darlene has made this lovely doll for a few years now in her doll studio located in Tucson Arizona, she can be special ordered. Her address is available on my links page.

This photo was sent to me from a customer of mine that wanted to show off her little doll wearing her new wig. The style is Christa in hand dyed Light Blond. She is wearing a peach pink silk bow.

                                                                                                   Mohair doll wigs by Wendy.J.Feidt.

                                            Making  hand-made mohair wigs since 1977

Welcome to my handmade mohair wig web site for antique dolls and reproduction antique dolls. I have been making my custom handmade mohair wigs for antique doll collectors and  antique and  original reproduction doll artists since 1977, and what a joy it has been throughout the years helping you complete your doll with the perfect hair style. I started my business making wigs out of a small shoe box of english mohair, needles and fabric, and with my mothers help I fashioned my first wig on a Sunday in 1976 . For many years my mother  collected fine antique dolls, sold antique dolls and repaired dolls for the public  .  Through the years as I watched dolls come in to my mothers collection I was able to enjoy each doll and their history, which to this day I value, My first attempt at wig making would lead to many years of trial and error, with lots of trips to the garbage and hundreds of dollars of  hair supply and wigs tossed out.  With the help of my clients ,they helped my wig making business get on its feet with encouragement and great advise along the way. Today I feel so thankful to have worked for some of the biggest reproduction doll artists that are now gone, they taught me so much along the way as a young artist, what to make and what colors they needed for their dolls, it was all so fun.     Through the years my work has been seen on the front covers of Doll Artisan Guild magazine, Doll Reader and various other doll publications. Many years ago I was honored with a drawing of myself and one of my original designed wigs in” Ripley’s Believe It Or Not”, that lead to an article in Grit magazine, showing a photo of me sitting in my studio. In the early 80’s, Mildred Seeley included one of my designs in her french doll books showing one of my little handmade wigs with instructions on how to make a mohair wig for a doll, but it wasn’t my wig making method,  still it was such an honor showing one of my wig designs, primitive as it was .  Many of you already have some of my early wigs, which were signed with my maiden name Wendy Haugen.  Each wig I create is on a hand-sewn cotton wig cap, which is fashioned on a bisque head to create a wonderful fitting wig for your doll.    All of my mohair wigs are stamped and hand signed by me and dated by me, never do I make a wig without signing and dating it .  Over the years I have created 42 original mohair wig designs and many antique  variations, all in all, 63 designs in my portfolio .  Please remember, my wigs are hand made and will vary slightly from the picture shown . I work with many styles and textures of mohair off  many goats, young and old, and every goat has a different style and texture of mohair depending on age and genetics. I also work from English mohair, which I primarily use for my fancier designs you see with all the spiral curls and braids.   When choosing your wig design, I also offer 100% silk  bows which I hand tie and  hand sew onto each wig. If you do not want a bow added to your wig, you do not have to order one, it is only an option for those of you that have dolls that do not wear hats.

  February 26 , 2021            



Last Day to order special made wigs was December 10th, 2020, I am now closed for special made wigs until early March 1st, 2021. In the measntime, please check out my page of pre-made doll wigs, you might find a wig there, I sell pre made wigs throughout the year..

*** Special made wigs are wig designs you see on my website that you want to order in the style,size and color you would like for your doll.

Next special made wig orders will be taken March 1st through March 15th 2021, last time to order before I take my summer break, June through September 7th, 2021.  Special ordered wigs ordered in December 2020 , will be ready to deliver early to mid  March 2021, so do plan too wait for me to finish your wigs. I will always email you when your wigs are ready to be sent out.  Normal turn around time is 3 months, sometimes a little sooner, depending what styles you order and how many wigs are in your order that you want me to special make for you.

Remember, Lambskin wigs can be ordered anytime of the year. There is a 3 to 5 week wait depending on my workload and the time of the year you order.Pre -made wigs are always available throughout the year and can be ordered anytime of the year.

What are special made wigs ?  Special order wigs are wigs you see on my website that you want to order in the size, color and style you desire for your special doll.  

I do offer pre- made mohair wigs, my pre made page can be found in my website menu.     Pre made wigs are  made and ready to send, so no waiting, just email me the wig number shown under each wig picture  of the wig or wigs you are interested in and I will get back to you with a PayPal invoice, it is that easy. I add Pre made wigs to my pre made page throughout the year so always come back too see what is available . I shippre made wigs all year long.

Time off : I take time off from making special made wigs starting the first of June. I do not make special made wigs in the months of June, July ,  August and December. If you order any wig special made during these months when I am not making wigs, your order will not ship until late November early December so please plan for that .

I do take orders for my Pre Made wigs, Lambskin wigs ,and Fran's hand made doll shoes, all year long.










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