Page updated  November 27- 2015 

Order by emailing wig number to:    When Ordering, Please include your full address, including your Zip Code , this way I can estimate your shipping charges quicker. If you are from another country other then the United  States, let me know how you would like me to ship, First class international, or Priority International. First class International is no longer with tracking, Priority International has tracking. First class international can take 3 to 4 weeks, sometimes longer. Priority international takes 2 to  3 weeks to arrive to most destinations. After you decide which way you would like me to ship, I will confirm your order , and will send a Paypal invoice to you. You may also pay me with a check to my address shown on my email or my home page. Please allow 14 days for your check to clear.

Wendy’s pre made wigs for sale

Please measure your dolls head before ordering.  Directions on how to measure for a wig hand made by me are shown on my website.  Measuring is so easy.


Welcome to my website of fine handmade doll wigs and doll accessories. If you would like to purchase any wigs below from my list of pre made wigs, or other doll accessories such as Fran Quinn’s doll shoes, order by email to  Any wig can have its bow taken off before shipping or changed if you prefer a different bow color added to the wig, just let me know when you order any wig below. When you decide what wig you would like please give me the item number under the picture, with the description, your name and where you live, with zip code. If buying in the state of Wisconsin, I must add 5% sales tax. You may pay me with Paypal, postal or bank money order, or personal check if you live in the United States. If you live outside the United States, Paypal only. If you want to pay with Paypal, send me your Paypal email address. and I will send you a Paypal invoice for wigs or other accessories you would like to purchase. If you send a check, please allow 14 days to clear at my bank, for money orders the wigs ship as fast as a Paypal payment. Pre made wigs and accessories are normally sent out within 7 days after you pay me, unless the order is paid by check. Please note, handmade wigs and doll accessories are Not Returnable so order carefully. My handmade wigs do not have stretch bands in them, so order the exact size your doll head measures. Please se how to measure on my website before ordering if you have questions on measuring. The second measurement I ask for, is not always necessary, unless you are ordering a lamb skin wig then it is necessary to have both measurements from your dolls head to have a good fit. About 97% of the wigs I make for resale are made on french heads, and through all the years I have made and sold wigs, a depth measurement hasn’t always been necessary, but if its important to you and your doll has a german head, I will measure the wig before sending to make sure the wig is made deep enough for your dolls head.

All wigs offered are made from either Natural mohair in several hand dyed colors, or English mohair in pre dyed colors from England. If you would like more information about my wigs and the type of mohair I use, please see my information page on my website before ordering, it will help answer those questions you have about my work.

***** Thank you all for waiting for me to post the wigs I have for sale at this time. If you see a wig you need, email me with the number you see below each picture and I will send you an email confirming your order. After the order is confirmed, I will send you a Paypal invoice to pay from, thank you all for waiting. If you would rather send a check, which is always fine with me, I will send you a total with shipping. Please allow 10 to 14 days for your check to clear. Caution.... The dolls you see are wig models only, and many of the wigs do not always fit the doll you see. I only use the doll to show the wig on if the wig is close in measurement to the doll I am using, so always measure your doll before ordering what you see. ***** I will be adding wigs to this page today, November 27th and through the first few weeks of December 2015, so please check back. Page is under construction.  Information and prices for the wigs I posted today will be posted by November30th, thank you for waiting. More wigs will be posted the first week of December so please check back.

#25W                    Margaret - Made in a size 9 1/4” inch circumference, from natural mohair in hand dyed light honey blond, which is a warm caramel shade, very pretty. $60.99 plus shipping.

#24W          Emma- Made in size 11” inch circumference, from natural mohair , in color honey blonde, a lovely warm caramel shade.  Natural colored silk bow is hand sewn on. $70.99 plus shipping.Sale Pending          P.B

# 40W                       Margaret  - Made in size 10 1/2” inch, from natural mohair in hand dyed color dark blond, but in  a lighter shade. I have hand sewn on two natural color silk bows to each side,  $68.99 plus shipping.

#10W                    Margaret - Made in a size 9” inch circumference, from english mohair in color pale brown. A nice old color, resembles a milk chocolate brown. $60.99 plus shipping.

#28W                      Emma - Made in a size 9 1/2” inch circumference. Made from english mohair in a color I call caramel blond, it is a pale shade of my old honey blond I use to carry, a nice old color. Wig is shoulder length.   Natural colored silk bow is sewn on.   $60.99 

#15W                         Emma - Made in size 7 1/2” inch circumference. Made from english mohair in color caramel blond, which is a light shade of honey blond, a very old shade from the past. Natural colored silk bow is hand sewn on. $ 56.99Sale Pending    P.B

This is only part of the wigs I will be listing for sale, please check back the first week of December, I will be listing more  .